In practice, many users are faced with the problem of blocking the installation of the KMSpico program necessary for activating the Windows OS and MS Office applications. You will probably be able to deal with such a problem by reading the proposed instructions.

First of all, let’s talk about why the firewall and antivirus block the KMSpico Activator program. In fact, KMSpico does not contain any viruses and spyware, but this program is in the databases because it allows you to bypass Microsoft protection and use Windows and MS Office for free.

In order to install KMSpico Activator, you need to disable protection and this can be done in a few steps:

Through the search, find “Protection” and go to the “Protection from viruses and threats” section

Click “Virus & Threat Protection Settings”

In the next step, disable real-time protection. And after that, you can easily install KMSpico Activator on a personal computer or laptop and successfully use it to activate the Windows and MS Office!