How to disable Windows Defender in Windows 11?

Installing all kinds of programs from unknown publishers in Windows 11 usually fails, and the reason is that Windows Defender blocks this action.To positively deal with such a problem in order to run the KMSPico activator, you need to disable Defender in Windows 11 and then we will tell you how to do it.

Disable Windows Defender Firewall in Windows 11

In practice, it is quite possible to completely disable Defender in Windows 11, which will not turn on automatically after restarting the computer (the hard way), or disable Microsoft Defender temporarily (the easy way).
In order to temporarily disable Defender in Windows 11, follow these steps:

1. Going to the “Windows Security” section, select “Firewall and network protection” in the left panel. On the right panel there are 3 network profiles and their current status. With profiles enabled, the firewall protects each respective network

a) Domain Network – This firewall profile is used when the computer is a member of an Active Directory domain;
b) Private Network – This firewall profile is required when the computer is connected to a home or work network where it is visible to other computers on the network;
c) Public network – this profile protects the computer when it is connected to public networks, such as Wi-Fi hotspots in public places.

ATTENTION! Disabling Microsoft Defender Firewall makes your computer and data on it vulnerable to viruses and hacker attacks.

2. To disable the firewall Defender in Windows 11, you need to go to each network profile to make changes to the settings

3. Having entered the Microsoft Defender firewall section of the network profile, just move the switch slider to the desired position

4. Most likely a window will appear asking you to confirm disabling Microsoft Defender, you need to click “Yes” – the window will close and the operation will be completed. Of course, in the same window, you can turn on Microsoft Defender by moving the slider from the “Off” position to the “On” position

In addition, it is possible to enable all firewall profiles at once, for which you need to reset all settings by clicking “Restore settings”