In fact, installing the useful KMSpico program for activating Windows operating systems of various versions and MS Office applications is relatively simple, but some users still experience difficulties. Therefore, it will not hurt to dwell on certain nuances of installing KMSpico Activator.

Initially, it should be noted that difficulties often arise due to the fact that the installation file of the program is not downloaded from the official site. In this case, the file may be damaged, but the viruses present in it will definitely be installed on a computer or laptop quickly and without problems. In addition, after downloading the KMSpico Activator program file in the archive, it turns out that there is simply nothing to open it with, so you should use the WinRar program or a similar one.

Now let’s move on to the installation of the program itself by running the appropriate process. If the existing antivirus blocks the installation of KMSpico Activator, then it is best to add the program to the “Exceptions” and then repeat the installation process. The program will prompt you to select a folder where KMSpico Activator should be installed. As a rule, the program automatically suggests the most optimal folder, so in most cases there is no need to change it. Next, the installation progress window will appear, after which the task will be successfully solved. Now you can run the KMSpico program and effectively activate Windows and MS Office.