It is not at all a discovery why the KMSpico Activator program is needed, especially for those who have it installed on a personal computer or laptop and have used it once. It is also well known that it cannot be removed from the computer, since it periodically updates the license keys for the Windows OS and the MS Office program. By the way, it should be said separately that those who want to use it all the time and not worry about activation should carefully edit the scheduler, since it contains a task for KMSpico.

But what if, for some reason, you still need to remove KMSpico Activator from your computer or laptop? This should be discussed separately, because some users sometimes have difficulties with solving such a problem.

The easiest way to remove KMSpico Activator is to use the Windows Add/Remove Programs utility, which is located in the section of the same name. However, this option is definitely not suitable if you need to remove the program from browsers and the registry. In this case, it is best to use a special program, such as CCleaner, to remove KMSpico Activator.