Quite a few users have already managed to make sure that they cannot do without a special program for activating Windows and MS Office. After all, using the Windows operating shell and MS Office programs after a 30-day free term is extremely inconvenient for numerous reasons. In addition, it is not uncommon when it turns out that it is not available to buy a license, due to the high cost.

At the present time, it is quite possible to find many special programs on the Internet that, according to their developers, will help activate the Windows operating system from Vista to version 11, as well as the MS Office software package, and a considerable number of users mistakenly believe that you can choose any of them.

In practice, not all offered programs are able to activate Windows and MS Office with a guarantee for all the time and quickly. Moreover, it is obviously not superfluous to say that many such activator programs contain viruses and can cause serious damage to a computer or laptop. All the listed and various other shortcomings are not in the recommended KMSpico Activator program, and a lot of users have already seen this.